Wednesday, 4 August 2021

How to Eat an Elephant - an Introduction to Project Management


Training Course: How to eat an Elephant © Cogniplex 2021

Cogniplex was fortunate to be approached by a faculty department in one of the leading South African Universities with a request to assist them with the skills development of departmental resources. While this is not the typical type of assignment we would usually undertake, it was an interesting opportunity to do something different and to transfer skills.

Between April - June 2021, we presented a series of 4 training sessions on Introductory Project Management. These sessions were delivered in a combination of Microsoft Teams software and video material for a total of 6 hours:

  • Live/Real-time Online training sessions
  • Live Classroom-based sessions
  • Pre-recorded on-demand training      
The training material covered:
  • Personal experiences and challenges on past projects
  • Interactive group challenges 
  • Defining projects
  • Understanding project constraints 
  • How to plan projects
  • How to manage projects
  • Fundamental learnings and recommendations
Various real-life examples from everyday life and a range of real-world commercial projects in different parts of the world were used as a basis for discussions and case studies. Some sessions were interactive and e.g. made use of remote group participation tools such as Miro whiteboards, Menti and group discussions. Feedback received from participants was overwhelmingly positive. 

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